Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It was quite a way to finish off the holidays.  Ally spent a long time working out the options and checking the website for tickets.  We'd opted for a travelodge on Sundays night so as to get the evening service at Tabernacle. The sermon was a remarkable expose of the deceitfulness of sin, and the challenge to turn from it to Christ for the eternal benefit of your eternal soul.
We got into the Excel, hoping to catch some action and managed to see superb table-tennis. It was Archery next, at the Royal Artillery Barracks in the perfect weather: warm sunshine and the gentlest of breezes. We moved on to the Greenwich Arena by 7pm for the start of the wheelchair basketball. The skill, dexterity, determination and sportsmanship of all the athletes was surely as impressive and inspiring, if not more so, than the 'able-bodied' ones. 

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