Monday, October 15, 2012

Chippenham Conference 2012

Chippenham We had a great day at the Chippenham Conference.
The audio of the sermons is available. The notes I took are to be found using the following links:
John Saunders' 1st:
John Saunders' 2nd:
Neil Pfeiffer's 1st: 
Neil Pfeiffer's 2nd:
Neither the audio nor the notes can convey the sense of annointing  which attended the ministry. Sometimes you just have to be there.
Unfortunately Pads did not feel up to staying for the second half of the day. It was remarkable that he'd got up for the 9am departure and, although he was certainly tired, it was the lack of suitable seating which really made it awkward for him. Nevertheless, his presence was much appreciated and many were inspired just to see him at the Conference. It was a difficult decision to make, and he felt quite bad about it, but home was the right choice and the Pastor was able to give him a lift home, rather than Ally having to come over to get him.
Yesterday was pretty normal with P making it out to the evening service, having watched the morning and afternoon live-streamed services from his bed. Today, Pads has had a quiet day, which included watching a couple of episodes of 'The World at War' with his tutor. More school tomorrow, DV.
John Saunders at Chippenham Conference Oct 2012

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