Friday, October 12, 2012

Twice again

Following up Sunday's effort, Pads was back at school again this week, this time he attended twice, one hour of maths on Tuesday and one of history on Thursday. It was good. Pads doesnt have to walk too far. History is nearby and so is Maths. His welsh is not as hot as it used to be so that is an extra challenge but with concentration he can get pretty much all of it.
On Wednesday we celebrated Moli's 16th with a meal at an excellent little place called Troy. Pads had the 'wings' - it's pleasing that he wants to to join in enjoying the food at these get togethers.
Tomorrow he hopes to go to the Chippenham Conference on the minibus. Departure time is 9am and it's a full day so it'll be interesting to see what shape he's in by the end of it.

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