Saturday, December 29, 2012

Made it to Scotland

Pads was remarkably keen to go North - he's been positive about it every time a whiff of the possibility comes up in conversation. With recent events, we were keeping it all very flexible. On Wednesday the medical team recommended us to go, given that we had all the drugs we needed and the whole family stood to benefit. In the event, Padi not only managed the journey really well but came alive and stayed that way until very late in the day. He was very keen to get his hands on Caleb's wood-kit sculpture. Caleb was happy because he'd hit a bit of a wall with it - progress became almost too rapid for him!

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coolsave said...

Delighted to know you've arrived safely - it's a long ol' drive! Hope you'll all have a marvellous time. Please give our best regards to Ross, Amy & clan:-)