Thursday, January 31, 2013


Pod couldn't come today as planned but that was probably just as well. Pads had a big session with the tutor. He worries about keeping up with Maths so that he can do the GCSE, stay in the same class as his best friend and eventually get a job, health permitting.
The medical opinion of what happened last Friday firmed up around a seizure so he's now on the maximum dose of phenobarbital. The steroids stopped three days ago and this is likely to be the reason why he needed three fentanyl melts (400ug) in under six hours. They are placed under the tongue, delivering rapid, effective relief, and we can keep giving them liberally if the breakthroughs continue through the night. He was thinking he'd be able to get to sleep as it's quite a dull pain. But as I passed his room he was itching so I administered a couple of anti-alergy tablets, he's distracting himself with an audio-book and the 3DS.
In other news, we're delighted for Bo that his right 'lazy' eye has improved a significant amount over the two months of wearing a patch for an average of three hours a day. He could see down to the third row of the chart, three more rows than that last check. So the patching and checking continues until his eye stops improving. The optometrist was just as delighted as we were that her expectations had been exceeded.

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