Monday, February 4, 2013

Off to Bluebells again

With the return of some nasty spikes in pain last Thursday, the decision was made to bring back the 8mg dose of dex (steroids). This feels like something of a Rubicon. Apparently he's going to be weaned off steroids next week. 
Whatever, Pads went out to Ruth's for a hot tub during the day and then went to Friday Fellowship in the evening. At one point I thought he was going to doze off and head for the floor Mr Bean style. But he stuck around and enjoyed the meeting. Saturday was another pain-free day, apart from the first half of the Wales game. Yesterday he was out again in the evening to hear a really excellent sermon on 'the Prodigal Son', which, however much heartache we've experienced, 'prodigal' is thankfully one thing he's not. After weeks of anticipation, today they've gone to the Bluebells holiday flat before the family separates for half term.

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