Friday, March 22, 2013


Pads has had a tough couple of days with feeling unsteady on his feet. Last night when he was walking he lost strength and yet retained consciousness. It was just as well one of us was there to hold him up - he wouldn't have bounced. Having yesterday turned the tutor away because he was too tired, we were glad that he was ok for Pod's visit today (not least because she has to travel so far and the last time we had to abort because P couldn't face it). They've been planning this bird box for a while. He really enjoys the power-tools!
In other news, Bo's been seen about his eyes again and his patching has yielded another improvement - he can read another line further down the chart! The optometrist noticed he lacked tear ducts so he will be lined up for an operation to sort that out. Then they'll be able to prescribe a contact lens for the 'lazy' eye. Without good natural flushing the lens may cause infection.
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