Monday, March 18, 2013

Low blood pressure

Pads has never had high blood pressure. Last week an attempt was made to measure it but the machine that was brought to the house appeared to be malfunctioning - twice. Over at the hospital they've got a better machine and his score was 74 over 42. Let's just say it's no surprise he gets dizzy. Then mum brought up hydrocortisone with the consultant last week and the endocrine team decided that his dose should be upped from 15mg to 20mg.
The palliative team were over today in fact, because of some concerns we'd raised. Certain symptoms were suggesting cord compression and this would require emergency radiotherapy. Thankfully the symptoms were thought to be from other causes. The team confirmed that the breakthrough pain fentanyl melts should only go in one at a time, rather than two. That was ok back when he was on the 200mg melts. Multiplying 400mg clearly has a bigger payload! At times he was made fairly drunk by this on the weekend. It's probably just as well we had been sent the melts Pads thinks taste disgusting. The patch is going up to 100mg with effect from tonight.
He's looking serene in bed now, having earlier enjoyed Skyfall with the tutor and put away a bar of Dairy Milk and plenty of popcorn.

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