Thursday, April 11, 2013

History (not)

Padi made it to school yesterday but it involved a struggle, not least for mum who had several unexpected but important things happening at once. She and Pads really enjoyed hearing from Will and Vic in Melbourne though. He had been awake since dawn so he was tired but also no longer feels able for academic work. Really the trip was a social event, part of persuading him was reminding him that he'd announced his plan to go in on Facebook (this having attracted 20 'likes') so he couldn't very well renege. His cousin Llyr (normally at university) was also in the frame to help take him in.
In the event, the SENCO helped organise a session with his friends, this which set up a level of conflict for Pads because although he greatly enjoyed being with these 8 or so, he regretted that they had to miss History on his behalf. However it may not happen again. From reports, I think some of them are finding it particularly hard to cope emotionally with what's going on and it speaks volumes about the impact Padi and his situation is having in unexpected quarters and ways.
Just one dose of breakthrough pain relief, last evening (sevredol - so we routinely add in both types of anti-itch meds).

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