Monday, April 8, 2013

The need for feed

After a bit of a trial last week, and we've discussed it with our nurse, we're putting Pads on a 'see-food' diet. Basically the Jevity (liquid PEG feed) was not really agreeing with him. So tonight it's another battered sausage for tea! The only thing we have to keep an eye on is the fluids.
It's been quite busy in the house with Ann, the play therapist visiting (and getting soundly beaten at Uno), the tutor (who watched some DVD with him), and Jane, as well as a few others. I was buried away in some urgent marking most of the day.
We've been taking quite a few calls and messages following the update I posted on Saturday night. Thank you for all the interest and concern!
Thankfully the pain has been kept at bay so that he's not needed any more breakthrough pain relief and we have plenty in stock in case it does come back. There will be another 2 days of this dose of steroids and then he'll have to be brought down off them in steps again. So he's thinking positively about going to 'Hanes' (History) on Wednesday and even the LATCH Brain Tumour Support Group meet on Saturday afternoon.

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