Friday, May 24, 2013

Moli's last day at WICS

It was Moli's farewell assembly and 'final day' at WICS today. She has some exams after half term but today is formally her last.
Moli leaves for her final day at WICS
Moli in 2008:
There was a lot of emotion, most of it fully justifiable. The 'leavers' assembly is a major event in the school's calendar, not least because of the close-knit culture. Leavers get to choose the hymns: Moli chose Pad's favourite, 'Oh the deep, deep, love of Jesus'. The staff take a couple of pupils each to make a short speech to and about, in front of the school. They seek to inspire the students with spiritual ambitions, not just the academic type. The interaction between Moli and Mrs Harris was very emotional. Mrs Harris said that there are two things Moli is passionate about, her family and 'this' (holding up the Bible she was awarding - this was a Spanish /English edition). Mrs Harris read at length from Ephesians 1. Having been adopted into the family of Christ, she challenged Moli to reach the lonely and broken people she would meet serving Him in her life and hopeful profession of medicine. It was a real challenge from an elder sister in Christ. On a lighter note Mrs Harris was liberal with her teasing about how messy Moli is in art, 'messy toad',she said, in broad Northern accent.

Meanwhile, as predicted, on Wednesday Pads' diamorphine dose rose to 240mg, the breakthrough is now 120mg. He remains comfortable and enjoying visits, especially from those who will talk of the Lord and pray with him.

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