Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Pads' bed is so comfy and easy to adjust, he's happy to stay there - wasn't interested in another trip to the caravan in Porthcawl when we suggested it yesterday. We certainly couldn't offer the same level of comfort out at Trecco Bay and so much time is spent in bed now. On Saturday, we said goodnight at 7:30pm and he slept, with only a break for taking the morning medication, until 3:10pm on Sunday. He's been more awake yesterday and today.
He's needed two lots of breakthrough pain relief this morning (90mg of Sevredol) although there's no indication that the needle is making the injection site 'unhappy', so the MDT meeting tomorrow may well result in putting the syringe driver dose up again.
I'd popped in to work this morning briefly for a IT lab 'drop-in' session. A conversation with a colleague in the library reminded me of why I enjoy my job but, starting my 5th week on a 'fit note', I was glad to get back home. There I made Pads a cuppa and played him Bob Dickie's latest 'vodcast'. Pads was especially struck by Pastor Bob's reciting of Mr Higham's hymn, Great is the Gospel of our glorious God, 'beautiful', he said repeatedly. We're all very concerned for Bob and Mary, his wife, as she's undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment. This is my compilation from when they visited last year for a fellowship reception.

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