Thursday, May 16, 2013

More trips in the car

Making good use of the Motability car while we've got it, yesterday Pads ventured out to enjoy Star Trek 'Into Darkness', and today he went in the hot tub. The sub-cut (subcuticular or 'below the skin') needle which delivers analgesia needed taking out and a new one inserted in a different site. The previous site had started to go bad and he's still got pain and a big colourful bruise on his right hip from it. After an hour and a half with no pain relief going in it was great that Jane was able to drive to us at Ruth's and make the change. It was lovely in Ruth's garden and Padi's wit was spritely, even if his speech was slurred having become worn out by the excursion. We're getting used carrying him up the stairs. He's generally pretty awake between the hours of 12 and 8pm, but it depends what he's been up to.

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