Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Thankfully Padi didnt need any breakthrough relief yesterday although he had had one dose today. Right now he's enjoying a film (The Help) with Moli. Since Moli finished her GCSE exams she's had a little more time on her hands. One pleasant commitment was to make each member of the family a dish of our choice in turn.
Last night was Padi's turn with donuts.
He did manage one, after his scrambled egg on toast. As delicious as they were, in Padi's book, nothing quite beats McDonalds! But we're gently coaxing his palate - there's a bit of a lemon theme. His eyes light up at the mention of lemon drizzle cake and, this morning, he breakfasted on crumpet with home-made lemon curd.
Mol featured Pads and his likes in a piece for her recent Art GCSE:
The hospital forms the skyline and that's Padi's silhouette on the left.
The Padi piece
Padi is greatly comforted by everyone's prayers. He's come to terms with the fact that he can't go out any more and is just a delight to visit. I think he must have been enduring a fair bit of pain recently because he's been quite a bit brighter since the diamorphine dose went up. The medics were reluctant to raise the dose if he was simply spiking a couple of times every few days but he was waking up in severe pain - barely able to move his head and requiring more fast-acting analgesia.

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