Monday, July 1, 2013


I was really pleased with the way the NHS optometry clinic were willing to increase the power of the prism in Padi's glasses last week without any fuss or insisting on an appoinment. The prism is simply a piece of clear plastic with wedge-shaped grooves. It adheres to one side of a pair of glasses without any strength in their lenses. Pads had given up on this in favour of a patch but now the specs are back in service. This picture shows the effect of the prism (actually the wrong way around for Padi, the wearer) by holding it half over the camera lens. Pads eyes do not then have to try so hard to bring the two images together for near or far viewing.
Jack through a prism
He seems to be needing a dose of breakthrough pain relief most mornings but is usually then fine for the day. Last Friday was an exception to that when he had a nasty pain behind his eye. The consultant visited today and we discussed that incident at length. His best guess is that it was a migrane although he couldnt be certain since the whole episode only lasted an hour and went away quickly without sleep. We are grateful that generally Padi sleeps well and is fairly bright from 8am to 8pm. Today he watched a film with his sister, met with Ann the play therapist and then entertained five of his friends from Glan Taf.
Pads has been in really good form. Yesterday he enjoyed three live-streamed services from his room, including the afternoon Capel y Rhath one in Welsh. Alun Higham was challenging the congregation to compare the riches of the gospel with the tawdry or at least temporary enjoyments of this world.
Reflecting on the day, Pads said, 'We should thank God for our great pastor who preaches Christ, the only way to salvation.' He is living proof of the truth that, 'godliness with contentment is great gain.' 1 Timothy 6:6 He said that the live feed ( streamed video) is aptly named because it's ' living food ', spiritually speaking. You should try some!

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