Thursday, July 4, 2013


Yesterday Padi had three doses of breakthrough and it was decided to up the driver dose to 720mg this morning, and change the needle site in case that was not absorbing very well. That puts the breakthrough dose to 360 sevradol or 120 buccal diamorph. The sevradol comes in various denominations of tablet but 360 means 8 of them in one gulp! Just as well he's brilliant at taking them. It also means that we can run down our supply very quickly, something that occasionally seems to escape the attention of the person writing the scrip.
This morning he woke up from a deep sleep at 7:45am asking for pain killers, for sharp pain in his eye and neck. We gave the diamorph at 8am and midazolam (which helps calm him) at 8:30am. By 8:45am he was asking for more relief and so another diamorph dose went in at 8:45am. This seemed to ward off the pain for a while until at noon he had a sevradol dose and another whack of diamorph at 2:30pm. Having drawn up another dose of diamorph at 4:30pm, we thought to try with a couple of humble paracetamol, and that was the last breakthrough administered. Not one of his most comfortable days.

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