Thursday, July 25, 2013

Being kept

Many of you will know about 'Grace Gems', a website with a subscription option for a daily reading that you can receive as an email. Today's was especially helpful and gives a good example of the kind of help we have in Christ:
Weep not for me!
(The following was written by Matthew Henry, and was found after his death.)
Would you know where I am? I am at home in my Father's house--in the mansion Jesus prepared for me there. I am where I want to be--where I have long and often desired to be. I am no longer on a stormy sea--but in a safe and quiet harbor. My working time is done--I am resting! My sowing time is done--I am reaping! My joy is as the joy of harvest!
Would you know how it is with me? I am perfect in holiness; grace is swallowed up in glory!
Would you know what I am doing? I see God; I see Him as He is; not as through a glass darkly, but face to face. The sight is transforming, it makes me like Him! I am in the sweet enjoyment of my blessed Redeemer, whom my soul loved, and for whose sake I was willing to part with all. I am here bathing myself at the spring-head of heavenly pleasures and unutterable joys; and, therefore, weep not for me. I am here singing hallelujahs incessantly to Him who sits upon the throne, and rest not day or night from praising Him!
Would you know what company I have? Blessed company--better than the best on earth; here are holy angels, and the spirits of just men made perfect. I am here with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of God; with blessed Paul, and Peter, and James, and John, and all the saints. And here I meet with many old acquaintances that I fasted and prayed with, who came here before me.
And, lastly, would you consider how long this is to continue? It is a garland that never withers; a crown of glory that never fades away; after millions of millions of ages, it will be as fresh as it is now; and, therefore, weep not for me!
The business and business of the conference has been an excellent way for us all to be occupied. We've also been able to spend a while at my favorite beach, Southerndown. In fact we darted off there first chance on Monday morning to help us re-form as a family. It was the first time we'd been out together in a very long time.
We have had SO many messages of kind sympathy and pledges of prayer, we really do feel 'held aloft'. The timing of the funeral will not suit everyone and we totally understand if you are unable to attend. We do intend for the funeral to go out on the 'live feed' (or 'living food', as Padi called it) so if you are anywhere near a computer at that time, tune in to

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Jo Nolan-Neylan said...

Oh I do hope the funeral will be streamed live. I would have loved to have been able to come, but am committed elsewhere. I will be with you in prayer and is spirit.