Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Funeral arrangements

First of all, I need to say thank you for all the kind messages we've been getting. All channels have been flowing with kind, gracious words as a wave of grief passes across the large network of Padi's family and friends. That includes this blog of course, just check the previous post's comments. Many of you have prayed for us and shared the sense of sadness and loss, even if you've never met us. Many have also shared the paradoxical experience of feeling profoundly and deeply sad but simultaneously a sense of glory and wonder at the sure and certain hope that Padi is with his Lord. I tweeted this Rutherford quote, 'There is less of you out of heaven that the child is there' but it stuck me when I was in church yesterday that, given Padi's current state and occupation, we are never closer to him than when we worship the Lord in the company of the saints and angels. There is also, given such a perilous world, not least spiritually, a sense of relief that he has arrived, safe in the arms of God. We have carried him, as parents and nurses, but now he is beyond
Another wonderful thing about Padi's passing is the timing of it. We note that he died on the Lord's day, the day all Christians celebrate as when the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. We also avoided clashes with anyone's birthday (just) and, of course, he hung on until well past Moli's exams. More than that, we now have the Summer Conference to spend the time in the company of the Lord's people, under the ministry of God's word. The first meeting was last night and was excellent, Pastor Jonathan Stobbs preaching the gospel with earnestness and clarity. As usual, the singing was excellent and glorious.We are recording this and will try and make it available after the conference.

We met with Matthew yesterday from Green Willow funeral directors. Akin with others, they make no charge for their services in the case of a child's death. This slashes the bill dramatically.
The basic details are:
1st August 2013, 13:30 at Tabernacle Cardiff, Pen-y-Wain Road, Roath (CF24 4GG but please park on Ninian Road). We will proceed to the burial at Pantmawr Cemetery and then back to the church hall for refreshments. We're doing 'family flowers only' with donations requested, in lieu of flowers, to CLIC Sargent through the justgiving page that Green Willow are settting up. There will also be a retiring collection for the WVHigham trust. Mr Higham was one of Padi's best friends.
Although there will be a lot of sadness and 'black' about the funeral, given the victory we have in Christ over death, we would appreciate it, if you do intend coming, if you could avoid wearing only black.

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Fieldsfamilyof7 said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear family during this time. We know to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. What a glorious promise! Padi is face to face with our Savior!