Tuesday, September 10, 2013

POPLA decision

It is with a great sense of satisfaction that I can share the news that our appeal against a parking fine we incurred back in June has been upheld. UKCPS sent through their evidence against us on the day of the funeral. We heard back from the assessor that the appeal was successful on the 16th August. There is clearly an element of humanity still left in the system!

I contest that I was not improperly parked, apart from a momentary lapse that meant I failed to move the blue badge from the door pocket to the window: blue badge number BB187158-97 issued by Cardiff City Council, expires 28 Feb 2015. Cursory inspection of the tax disc would have revealed to the parking officer that the vehicle is a motobility car and registered disabled (the inspector must have noticed this since the ticket was placed very close to the tax disc - we only found it the morning after!) The disabled badge was not displayed because of stress and a split second of absent-mindedness, something I have never done before or since. My 15 year old son is terminally ill and now in the last couple of weeks of a 5 year ordeal with a brain tumour. His pain is only being contained by diamorphine, he is very weak but has looked forward to 'Iron Man 3' for months. In spite of the illness robbing him of many of the things he has been looking forward to, this was one we thought we could manage. So I took him in great trepidation (armed with extra morphine, change of clothes, and emergency sedative) but traffic caused by an accident ahead delayed us so that we arrived with just 5 minutes to get a ticket before the film started. I was too intent on getting the wheelchair and my son into it to remember to move the badge from the door pocket to the window. If you require verification about my son's illness, please contact our nurse or our social worker. Although our emotional resources are scarce at the moment, I will continue to appeal against the penalty if this appeal is refused since I strongly believe there ought to be leeway in cases like this one. I am a law abiding citizen with never so much as a speeding fine. This is not simply a case of some 'lazy lout' who could not be bothered to walk more than 15 metres to the front door of the facility.

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