Monday, July 21, 2014

1st Anniversary

We were delighted with the way that the Cofio Padi Fellowship Evening went. Many had given their apologies so we did not know what to expect in terms of turnout but more than 80 gathered in the upper hall to share and enjoy memories. I got everyone's attention by playing the video of 'what Padi did with Appledore crabs', closely followed and sharply contrasted with the interview he gave to promote LATCH just weeks before he passed into glory. LATCH paid for the services of Ben Ewart-Dean (who gave me permission to host the video here) to shoot and produce a promo and we were invited to 'Premiere' at Penarth Pier Pavilion later in 2013.
We needed to start the speeches by 6:30pm in order for Jane to get away but we were running late so I did not quite get to record the first contribution by Ally. All the contributions were deeply impressive. You can listen to the recording from
Saturday night actually felt more like the first anniversary, since Pads passed away in the early hours of Sunday. Later on we sung 'Sovereign Ruler of the Skies', one of his chosen funeral hymns. If this was at all upsetting, the pastor's superb sermon on 'There is a river' from Padi's psalm (46) brought to us the pure Source of our blessed assurance.
Today's been calm. Kids are on holidays and I've got leave for the conference. Moli's been feeling dizzy and needs to complete her Welsh Baccalaureate work so a trip to the local Forest tea room suited well. We then popped down to the grave: blistering sun reminiscent of the funeral day's weather.
With apologies to everyone else, it's still got the best stone in the park. That verse proclaims the reality of our conquest over death and the grave through our Saviour, whose rising again points all of us to the skies. "Unto you therefore which believe he is precious" 1 Peter 2:7

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