Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cofio Padi Fellowship Evening 19th July

As we approach the anniversary of Padi's passing, we are upheld still more by the faith that God gives...
The air says to the eagle, "Trust me; spread thy broad wings. I will bear thee up to the sun. Only trust me. Take thy foot from off yon rock which thou canst feel beneath thee. Get away from it, and be buoyed up by the unseen element!" My brethren, eaglets of heaven, mount aloft, for God invites you. Mount! You have but to trust him. An unknown glory rests upon him, and the radiance thereof shall come upon you if you know how to trust.
Sermons on Unusual Occasions, Spurgeon P258
How different the 'unseen element', the air, is from a vacuum! To those with wings, it is as solid as the water to a fish and the ground to a lumbering elephant. If God has given us the wings of faith then what so many only dream of, the power of flight, is indeed ours before the time when we will 'soar through tracts unknown' to breathe the rarefied oxygen of the high heavens and commune with its inhabitants. This is our experience.
@CofioPadi, who are still raising money for charities that supported us during Pad's illness, were going to hold a gala event on the 19th July but that proved to be impossible. Instead, we're having a 'fellowship evening' and if you're free and in the area, please pop in: 6-9pm at the church hall. The plan is for a relaxed time of fellowship, singing some of Padi's choices of hymns, and there will be some tributes and testimonies as well as refreshments (link to Facebook event).

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