Thursday, June 28, 2007

'the network learned'

I suppose I'm grappling with the concept from the assessment end to get at something on the inside. What is it like to be 'networked learned' (nasty phrase I know - sorry!) - I dont mean the process (yet). I mean what would a person look like, what would make them different from someone who had been 'Communities of Practice learned' or 'lecture/tutorial learned'? My colleague Joe's off the bat response to that was 'appropriateness'. Having the 'right' clutch of the 'right' kind of connections that can be 'activated' (all inverted comma'd concepts in need of unpacking!) in a timely way - not just to people but to resources (of course). Is that a good measure of networked learningness? (am I a good example of having been 'networked learned' since I'm foisting this on your inbox via this jiscmail list?!) Can that be bottled and taught? Can it then be factored in to assessment leading to accreditation?
As I said before, all of this might 'just' mean the kinds of things we already hope to see in 'good' students... if so, tell me straight and I'll leave you alone - at least until the next time I'm in the shower :-)

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