Tuesday, July 3, 2007

endnote or endnoteweb

not much of a pre-occupation I know but this is a decision I need to take - will it be endnote 7 or endnoteweb. The latter would give me experience of the new tool - although endnote admit that it's really for students. The former would tie me to this computer and this installation of endnote since no-where else is using it. Endnoteweb would be the best if I was collaborating - it would standardise the version of endnote we'd use. There is a slight worry about not being online all the time. I know I am when I'm at work or home but what about 'other places'... What if I try it and see. Well - I tried it and it was looking good until I tried to search for reference and the results box disappeared. Not ideal. I'll stick to EN7 for now. I suppose I'm asking for trouble with my office 2003 and firefox as the default browser and running EN7 in the background... may try again when I'm less fed up with it.

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