Thursday, July 5, 2007

students should not be limited to one way of learning

This was the response to the suggestion that we could 'reward' participation with an online learning task with one theory hour. I replied saying it was more than that - I was trying to encourage meaningful engagement with the technology. I would be happy not to have to take a register but since the sessions are on the timetable anyway dont the students think they do count towards their theory hours?
My concern was that if we wanted to go 'blended' then we may need to consider adapting our current policies.
PS - hmmm - I remember this same person slamming my idea of ''virtual electives'' in a forum where I thought the idea was to air ideas and chew them over a bit.
This kinda thing is symptomatic of a 'no-can-do' atmosphere in which innovation is stifled at source. Fact is that no-one ever rejected lectures or workshops because 'students should not be limited to one way of learning'.

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