Friday, November 7, 2008

Best week for a long time

Well - I havnt updated the blog since Tuesday because he's been in school and pretty good. This morning he was too tired and a bit dizzy to go in before attending the ward to get his chemo though and in the afternoon he just didnt feel right. The consultant says his tummy pain might be ''vincristine cramps" - so just a side effect of the chemo. After school is was the Sunday School fireworks event and although he came to that he mostly sat it out. His blood count was taken today and his neutrofils are doing well - this is good because he's finally caught a cold. He's a bit anemic, and his potassium is still on the low side so he's on K tablets for that. Just one more week of radiotherapy in prospect. Next Friday he's got a couple of lines to say in his year-group's assembly - would be great if he could make it to that.


Rob and Pauline said...

Great to hear that you have all had a better week! Will keep praying!

Love Rob and Pauline

Mike Johnson said...

Thank you both! Great to hear from you.