Friday, June 12, 2009

NG Tube jokes!

Pads was up very early today, anticipating visiting WICS school (where Moli goes) in Machen. He was full of life and lasted the full amount of time we expected - Ally picked him up just after midday. After a bit of a calmer afternoon, we all went out for a 'breather'. It's been a very busy week and so we went out to the Caerphilly Pizza Hut. We actually had a real laugh about his NG tube. It started with us talking about how gently the kids in Machen had reacted to the sight of the tube, remembering the funny time he was asked about it by the Year 1 children in Mynydd Bychan. When he said it was because he wasn't eating enough they told him off :-)
So we started thinking up funny quips he could dish out. For example:
  1. Well!? Where do you think all the spagetti comes from?! It doesn't grow on trees you know.
  2. Ah yes, I was eating spagetti - I always stuggle with getting it on the fork, so I find the end and sniff hard.
  3. It's spagetti, saved it for later - would you like me to cut you off a bit?
  4. In a previous life I was a bedside light.
  5. It's the draw-string for my eye-lids
Actually, that last one was a development from some goofing around they were doing with the blinds and his tube. He enjoyed just one chunk of pizza, but it was the being altogether for the meal that was special.
Asher had a great time at the Arms Park, scored a few tries and generally impressed those who watched. Ally arrived just too late to see him and I was in a meeting, but I think there will be plenty of other opportunities, if he carries on like this. Tag-rugby is a great form of the game: the kids have velcro tags that they wear on their flanks. Instead of tackling, you grab a tag and hand it to your oponent. So there's none of the risky violence and lots of the essential skills development.

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Ruth said...

Asher's Grandad would love to have seen him playing rugby at the Arms park!