Saturday, January 23, 2010


Pads walked from home to the clinic and then up three flights of stairs to space ward... not bad.
The consultant was very pleased with him and was very positive about the future.
The next scan is due at Easter, by which time he may well have had his PEG and line out. That depends on him eating enough - which is looking promising too. I even advised him to lay off the chocolate in the afternoon so that he can enjoy more of a meal of 'proper' food in the evening. After the clinic, mum and pads visited the hospital shops. 'see if there's anything you want' - thinking he'd come back with the Dr Who magazine or similar. But instead he was after the Mega deal on enormous bars of Bounty and Snickers! At this stage the consultant thought that 3 days of school per week was about right. No swimming, but any other sport he could fancy was fine.
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