Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Off to school again

After a tired couple of days, Pads has gone into school at the normal time today - he even had time to have a bowl of cerial. On Monday he was feeling ill with the ear thing and was washed out. Yesterday we decided to take him to school after the games session that takes up most of the morning - he did some gentler exercise on the Wii. He can only do about 10 minutes of that though. There's a big element of confidence about this, as with other aspects of life and we're in the business of gently coaxing more out of him. Last night, we asked him to consider walking the dog around the block, a distance of about 500 flat metres. But he remembers trying to do that some months ago, running out of energy, having to sit on the floor to summon the strength to get home. We'll send big sister with him this time.

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