Friday, September 17, 2010

Tall order

We felt that yesterday had gone quite well, having kept the water going in all day. At the clinic the consultant was very sympathetic of our struggles since Pads came out of hospital, but the fact is, he's not getting enough fluid and yesterday he got no nutrition. This showed up in his weight loss, lack of sodium in the blood and the simple statistic that he'd not even had enough water. He needs 1.5 litres per 24 hours. Today we had managed to get a bottle (500mls) of osmalite through without any of it coming back up, quite an achievement. But there was a lot of catching up to do to hit our target, so the water went up at 200mls-per-hour for a while. Then we've turned it down 50 for the night; he'll reach his target but with less going in, there's a chance he may have to get up less often. There would be no shame in giving up and letting the ward staff manage him, but being at home is healthful in other ways, and we're hopeful that this stage can be managed at home.

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Susanna said...

We hope so too- home is by far teh best place as long as things can be managed- am sure the comfort of your own home aids recovery.