Saturday, January 22, 2011

For Narnia!

For Narnia!, originally uploaded by agent_mikejohnson.

Yesterday at clinic, Pads was told that he was to going to have his Hickman line taken out next week. He is very pleased with this, not least because it means missing Art lessons with the most unpleasant teacher.
In preparation for this, a needle was required to get a blood sample - I think this is because there's too much anti-clotting chemicals residing in the Hickman line to get a true reading for the purposes of the operation. Pads was brave for the needle - refusing anaesthetic cream or 'cold-spray' to dull the pain. He just needed to squeeze mum's hand.
Pads weight had reduced slightly so the tube-feeding is still necessary.
But the Hickman line will be great to get rid of. It is wonderful to me that it has not got infected at all as some children seem to have many of these replaced. It has meant that Pads has not been able to enter water higher than his hips, so he'll be relishing the chance to have a proper bath/hot-tub, etc.
His feet have mostly stopped hurting so the photo is us on the way to badminton, just a 15minute walk away: too far for Pads legs but plenty of time for fun!

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Padz said...

its not that i refused the cream, i just forgot to ask!