Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I'm having a little bit of time off work at the moment which gives me the space to do something a little 'spare timish'. I'm trying to encourage my family to write out their indiviual testimonies (of how they became Christians)  for posterity. It is very rare for an entire family to be saved in these days and parts. So I hope, if and when the job is complete, everyone's story put together will form a useful artefact and testimony to the grace of God even when the nation has aggravated sin to such a degree that anyone would wonder why He would bother with us any more.
I was asked to give my testimony a while back and it occurred to me that a neat way of structuring it would be around the various Bibles I've owned. So I've spent some time this morning taking pictures of and annotating them. Here's the slideshow (click to make it 'full screen' and then 'Show Info' to view my comments on each picture):

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