Monday, December 24, 2012

A moment

Pads has seemed exceptionally tired, and he made a surprise appearance when Catherine, Malcolm and Zoe were visiting this afternoon. He was wobbly and asking for a fentanyl 'melt' (pain relief). I sat with him for a while and his speech was a slurred. Shortly after he came over very itchy and a loratadine tablet didn't shift it. A bath seemed to calm him a bit but mum was still rubbing in the aloe vera until we opted for a dose of piriton.
Meanwhile, our on-call nurse phoned back having spoken to the palliative team. They wanted him to have a burst of steroids. It's a short term high dose to face-off whatever is suspected to be going on inside his head.
He's happy in bed now, watching his i-pad. With the steroids on board, who knows, he may even want to join us for dinner tomorrow!

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