Monday, December 17, 2012


Am happy to report that the party went off well on Saturday. Risking a serious bout of déjà vu, it was 10 pin bowling with four of his friends, one of whom came last. Then we toddled over the Nando's for a slap-up meal. We're grateful for the support of Dreams and Wishes to put this party on. The only sad thing was that Asher was unable to come because of the cold he's still languishing under. Bo's also missed school today. They've both had spiking temperatures up to 39°C but paracetamol/brufen is keeping a lid on it.
Padi specialises in the 'rebound' bowling technique...

Pads' fentanyl dose is up at 62 micrograms now (just replaced the patches) and that seems to be holding the pain at bay. He can have further fentanyl orally, for breakthrough pain, which works really well, but he's not needed one of those for a few days.

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