Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8 Melts

Although there's supposed to be a lag effect with steroids, as soon as they've been stopped Pads needs breakthrough pain relief. He reached for the fentanyl melts four times today (800mg at a time) and struggled in History with double vision, which even the teacher noticed.
He's still remarkably cheery though. He does enjoy going out to school and everyone is kind to him. Ally watched him chatting with a large lad on the way in today: apparently he was offering to help carry Pads' bag. When he was collected he was having a good laugh with several other pupils. Then it was off for the 'Regular' dose of KFC popcorn chicken, which he eats pretty much all of, followed by small portion of naan bread and curry, washed down with a cup of tea and slice of banana bread! Later on he was musing about what he'll do next year come exam time. We've said that he could take them via voice. There are lots of ways people like him can be accommodated these days.
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