Thursday, March 7, 2013

'Bad day at the office'

Although he missed history again on Wednesday, on Tuesday there was a test in Maths and the teacher had provided a version of it especially for P. When he looked at it he just drew a blank, not able to remember anything. He said it was humiliating. Perhaps his reasons for going to school have become more limited to the social event, rather than learning lots of tough examination prep. Mum mentioned that there are plenty of people in school who do not even know why they're there! I added that Maths is something that you have to keep on top of or it soon slips away. In any case, he's amazing. Many others would have given up, choosing to spend the rest of their time in bed. Not Padi.

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coolsave said...

Keep on keeping on Pads - like your Dad says, you're amazing:-) love & hugs xx