Saturday, February 23, 2013

Missing Pod

Pads just could not come to in time for Pod on Friday. We phoned just as she was about to arrive in Cardiff, all the way from just south of Aberystwyth. This was gutting for everyone, although it is always in the realm of possibilities, especially as Pads is coming off the steroids. From yesterday he's down to 2mg per day. He got an hour of history in this week which has been the pattern since the new year. He wasn't up to Friday Fellowship (which was excellent, the Pastor's starting a new series of sessions on 'The Journey of the Soul', starting with the 'Decrees of God') There were two bouts of breakthrough pain and a lot of itching later yesterday evening. Today's been mostly spent in bed although he did join us for a family viewing of the recent muppet movie and some pizza.

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