Sunday, May 5, 2013

Any excuse

Many people will make any excuse to avoid church attendance and Pads could make a compelling case amongst them. From about noon though, he'd announced his intention to go out in the evening and by 3pm he was dressed and ready. This after his regular dose of visitors, including Mr Hopkins, an 86 year old blind WWII veteran (also at church tonight)! 
As the service got underway, Pads seemed upset and said he was wasting his time and should have stayed at home because he felt tired. I said that it was good he came out because it meant that mum could too. I think that relaxed him a bit and he was wide awake for the entire thing. 
For those of you who, for whatever reason missed church today, you can pick up a 'World Class' sermon from the Website. Sometimes though, you just have to be there ;o)
Health-wise, he's been pretty stable today again. This was a relief after two breakthrough doses yesterday which does put the 'janglers' on somewhat. 
We've lost count of how many visitors he's had this last week but they must number above 50.

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