Monday, July 8, 2013


We think we can do something about the eye pain by covering them with a damp flannel. This provides some relief by cooling and blocking out the light. This morning his first yelp was for neck pain though and so a fentanyl melt went in at 6:50am followed by a diamorph dose at 7:20am. While I was writing this he needed another melt at 9:40am. That's after a hike in the background dose from 720 to 900mg yesterday. These step changes in diamorph have not ruled out the need for breakthrough. What must such episodes of pain be like that they can cut right through all that medication?
We're now taking it in turns to sleep in with Pads which is only marginally different to being in our own room but it does allow for a more instant response and possibly more settled sleep for the other. There's not a lot of space in his room but enough for the SynMat camping mattress I got for Ally years ago but has only now slept on - it's hardly any different to our normal bed (which has a memory foam topper!)
We've put everyone on notice, smalls included, that we do not think he's got long left... but of course these things can defy our expectations.

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Susanna said...

Praying- what more can we say. Much love to you all